feels raw, feels real.

introducing our state of the art 3D print technology blended with minimalistic designs and impeccable fabric quality.

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  • improved quality.

    softer, stronger, classier!

  • exclusive designs.

    state of the art in-house printing.

  • limited edition.

    because you are special for us!

  • minimal approach.

    luxury is in the details, not in chaos.

  • unisex clothing.

    gender-free fashion and lifestyle

  • for the millenial.

    by the millenials, for the millenials

who is sorta?

minimalist and confident millenials who carry the revolution of comfort and class in the world of fashion and lifestyle.

  • midnight.black

    In color psychology, the color black signifies power, elegance, and sophistication.

  • vintage.white

    White stands for everything good and right, and is the color of certainty, illumination and insight.

  • sorta.red

    Our statement colour known as the sorta.red is hexed at #FF0111, challenges you to be different from the world and stand out.