Collection: the daily folio.

the daily folio is your go-to place for all the daily essentials. Instead of finding your stuff every time, just carry them in this compact-sized pouch made from pure Italian leather that speaks class.

Ever thought of a fashion accessory that is so sleek and sexy but also treasures your essentials like never before? we got you covered, hstlr!

what's red?

Our house favourite, we have tried to create a one-stop space for all your daily essentials finished in classic Italian croc leather. An average millennial requires the phone, purse, cards, pen, notepad, sunglasses, home keys, car keys and other miscellaneous items on a daily basis.

We designed the perfect gender-free folio where all these will be stored by you. Now, you just need to take care of the folio and all your key necessities will be safe in one place. This will completely revolutionise your daily mobility and become a part of you, even on late-night drives.